Andrea Gaito, MD - Rheumatology and Tick-Borne Diseases


·  Physician for 28 years
·  Certifications:
American Board of Internal Medicine    (1989)
American Board of Rheumatology
·  Master of Science, New York University Hematology 1982
·  Residency and Fellowship
Seton Hall School of Graduate Medical Education, New Jersey, 1986-1990
·  Founding member of the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society, (ILADS)
Served 2 terms as President of ILADS, served on the Board of Directors
for 14 years
Currently Ethics Committee Chairman and Editor of ILADS newsletter
·  Current Research:
Participating Investigator, Columbia University Lyme Disease Research Center for evaluating a new test for Lyme disease
Ethics and Medicine
Autoimmunity and Lyme disease
·  Has given numerous presentations both nationally and internationally regarding the evaluation of Lyme disease and autoimmune arthritis and has developed a teaching model for student physicians on this topic.
·  Only rheumatologist in the country selected to testify at the FDA hearing regarding the LymeRx vaccine.
·  Television appearances:
Oprah Network
PBS documentary on Lyme Disease
·  Newspapers and magazine articles in
New York Times
Prevention Magazine
Good Housekeeping
Philadelphia Enquirer
Star Ledger
Radius Magazine
Survival Guide series
Oprah Magazine
·  2012 Award Recipient,"Outstanding Woman of New Jersey", field of medicine
·  Award Recipient 2012 from NJ State Senator and Gov. Chris Christie "Nationally Recognized leader in the treatment of Lyme disease"
·  NJ Monthly Top Doctor Award 2008-2010
·  Principal Investigator and Grant Recipient by Lyme Disease Association for Research Study, "Isolation of Lyme Spirochetes in Cervical Tissue of Women Seropositive for Lyme Disease"
·  Presentation to Fifth Annual Congress on Women's Health, Institute of Medicine 1997
·  Consultant, Amgen Corporation, Radius Study on Rheumatoid Arthritis 2001-2008

Everyone on our staff is knowledgable in all aspects of patient care and they create a uniquely comfortable and friendly environment where most patients are known on a first name basis. Many of our patients come early for their appointments so that they may have time to chat with the staff before their visit. Their personalized service translates into a high level of patient satisfaction and efficiency.

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"The Effect of Methylcellulose on Erythropoietin Production ". Proc Soc Exp Biol. Gaito, A 1984

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The following is a video of a presentation by Dr. Gaito on "The Clinical Evaluation and Treatment of Lyme Disease from an Autoimmune Perspective":



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